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Product Description

Your photos printed to a stunning canvas with a choice of frame depths, canvas sizes, colour finishes and edge options.

What is ‘Canvas Edge’?

The Canvas Edge option allows you to have the frame depth of your canvas displayed in different ways.

  • Gallery: This means that your photo is wrapped around the edge of the canvas and onto the frame depth of your print.
  • Mirror: This means that your photo is mirrored (reversed) along the edge of the print.
  • White: This means that your photo will only be displayed on the front of the canvas and the frame edges will be white.

What is ‘Colour Finish’?

The Colour Finish option allows you to have your photos colours changed before printing.

  • Original (As sent): Exactly what it says on the tin. We will not change any thing about the photos you send us.
  • Black and White: This means that we will give your photos a black and white effect and take all colours away from the print.
  • Sepia: This effect gives a reddish-brown color associated particularly with monochrome photographs of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Additional Information


8×8 inch, 8×10 inch, 8×12 inch (A4), 10×10 inch, 10×12 inch (A4 +), 12×12 inch, 12×16 inch (A3), 12×24 inch, 12×40 inch, 16×16 inch, 16×20 inch (A2), 16×24 inch (A2 +), 16×40 inch, 20×20 inch, 20×30 inch (A1), 20×40 inch, 24×30 inch, 30×30 inch, 30×40 inch (A0)

Frame Depth

18mm, 38mm


Landscape, Portrait

Canvas Edge

Gallery, Mirror, White

Colour Finish

Original (As sent), Black and White, Sepia


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